For many connoisseurs of art, the work of Impressionists is filled with airy, ephemeral and inexorably elements. What distinguishes their paintings is that they were able to capture an amazing moment which then for a long time remains in memory as a moment of the highest harmony. Impressionist are able to transfer this beautiful moment to a canvas, adding some tangible sensations and subtle vibrations which we feel looking at a painting. Even after viewing their artwork we have something like an aftertaste, a mood they create.

Impressionism in art

The objects of capturing in the work of impressionists are landscapes and scenes of urban life. The artists created them en plein air, i.e. outside using natural light. Most of the artists before the Impressionism movement only created their pieces in the workshops. That’s why the artwork of impressionists brought an element of novelty, freshness and revelation. Impressionists gazed intently at nature, trying to capture the slightest colors and shades. The foundation of their method used the elements of decomposition to¬† break complex tones into basic, simple colors. By doing this the artists obtained colorful and profound shades and volumes. Impressionists applied colors in separate strokes, mixing contrasting tones in one section of a picture. They achieved effect of vivid, flickering colors. In order to create deep and intense transitions of colors the masters employed colors that mutually reinforce each other such as red and green, blue and orange. These colors also created deep contrasts and play of shades.

Impressionism painting

Impressionism does not raise foundational philosophical and social problems. The main object of it is everyday life. The focal point of the artists are superficiality, movements, dynamics and moods. The paintings depict mostly joyful and positive life situations, leaving problems outside of the canvas. People in the paintings are caught during pleasant pastime or leisure, communicating with their friends. They take a walk in a park, boat, stroll, in another words they enjoy themselves.

The work of Impressionists has left a rich legacy in art. We have a chance to look at the work of genius artists in many museums and at art exhibitions. The masterpieces approach the matters of color solution and unconventional techniques. Impressionism expressed the desire to renew the artistic language and break with tradition as a protest against the painstaking technique of the masters of the classical school. And now we can all admire these magnificent works of outstanding artists.

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