‘Monochrome’ Solo exhibition of Self Photography by Shveta Goutam | Piramal Art Gallery| NCPA Mumbai

’Monochrome’ Solo exhibition of Self Photography by Shveta Goutam | Piramal Art Gallery| NCPA Mumbai
My Monochrome self-portrait photography is a not very strange subject but concept of images mixed together in a strange way like in a dream portrait, I have mostly worked on Monochrome Mode of Photography which includes negative

and positive space. This project is to describe my identity, about how i see the natural source of light, Where i have not use any kind of other source of lights, edits, make up etc. I can say it’s completely a raw photograph and i am sure this is a unique concept altogether.

 It is truly and completely natural with natural source of light. This portrait photography says a lot about myself & my identity of a daydreamer. Capturing Self Portraits describes me as a silent and creative person of which who I am.

In my self portrait photography there are two things which signifies or represents me as a creative person. My

second one which represents that I

daydreaming person, who is completely unplanned and who loves to play with lights & camera at the same time. My portrait says a lot about composition of light, self, stillness. These symbols also shows my

identity. I choose these symbols because it expressed my inner

personality. I decided to do this project to challenge myself in photography and somewhere i am also inspired by Frida Kahlo Mexican painter, painter who was  known for her many portraits, self-portraits.

I started noticing the details around me like the natural afternoon light, my own haywire room, or the elements around me or my attire which will enhance the subject of monochrome-photography and then i decide I would like to capture them. I use photography to have a creative subject in my life. I feel a sense of pride when people praise my self monochrome photography work i feel energies, and this allows me to work and keep trying something innovative every time when i post my pictures. I am using this subject to express what I feel is

important from within.

I do black and white photography because I feel that it is truer art than digital. With black and white your print will never be the exact same as another because there are many gradient shades of grey, black & white. I feel that an picture is deeply art and also equally challenging when it does not need colors to make it

interesting. It only needs the right composition between timing, lights & camera. Stripping away the colors

leaves the image to seem simple and pure. I feel a larger sense of pride in my monochrome photography images that I do. I have always enjoyed

photographing myself. I

used it as an opportunity to grow as an creative artist.

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